Open Data

Rufus Pollock
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Open Knowledge Foundation

About the Foundation

Founded 2004 / Not-for-profit

Promoting, Creating, Disseminating Open Knowledge

Open Knowledge Definition Open Knowledge Definition Open Knowledge Definition

Open = Freedom to Access / Use / Re-use / Redistribute
(allow attribution and/or share-alike requirement)

The Foundation is a Community


Organized around a set of projects and working groups

Principles: open knowledge, meritocracy and tolerance

Every Type of Open Knowledge

Genes to Geodata, Sonnets to Statistics

10+ Projects, 12+ Working Groups (,,, ...

Ongoing Information Revolution

'A man has perished and his body has become earth. All his relatives have crumbled to dust. It is writing that makes him remembered.'

The creation, storage, discovery and transmission of information is becoming the dominant economic activity in much of the world

The Openness Revolution

The substantial portion of that material will be OPEN


Open Data: Why?

Where Does Our Money Go When We Pay Taxes?

Know (and show) exactly where every £ € $ went to ...
How much do we spend on trident?

Every Kind of Data

Transport, Geodata, Statistics, Electoral-Legal ...

(Train times, station locations, spending breakdowns, national laws, ...)

The Holy Trinity:
Innovation, Efficiency, Transparency

AKA: Jobs and Growth, Community and Governance

Information is Special: Non-Rivalrous

Very cheaply copied ~ zero cost

Giving me a 'copy' of your car is a problem, giving me a copy of your data isn't

The Many Minds Principle

The Best Thing to do With Your Data will be Thought of by Someone Else

Fixing is Faster with Open Data
(And You Don't Repeat Yourself)

To many eyes all bugs are shallow

One department can find and use another's data

(Closed Data Doesn't Scale!)

Woven Ball Broken Humpty
We're Weaving Data Together To Scale We Need to Componentize But We Need to Put Humpty-Dumpty Together Again - Not Possible if Closed
Open Data for read/write society

Open data allows citizens to 'write' back - adding, commenting and updating whether to their own copy or the 'original'

Recent Developments

The Year Open Data
Went Mainstream

Not Just About the Catalogue! ...

And Not Just Gov: CKAN Instances Around the World,, ...

On Our Way to Realizing
The Debian of Data

The 3 S's: Search, Storage and Services

At the Moment We're Too Happy With Closed

From Google to Facebook

Componentized, Distributed, Collaborative
Development of Open Data
'The Debian of Data'

Building the Tools and Community to Make It a Reality
From 'datapkg' to a 'open-base'