Where Does My Money Go?
Digging Into Public Spending

OpenTech, 2010-09-11

Rufus Pollock

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Where Does My Money Go?

Started in 2007, winner SUABW 2008, Prototype 2009, ...

Funding support from C4/4IP + Cabinet Office. Working with Iconomical, Dave McCandless, ...

Where Does Our Money Go When We Pay Taxes?

Know (and show) exactly where every £ € $ went to ...

Gov Spending is 40% of GDP in UK

Many misconceptions:
- Defence < 5%
- Old Age More than Education

Help Citizens Explore, Analyze and Understand

Transparency, Accountability and Ownership (It's Your Gov!)

What Does It Involve?

Lots of Backend Work


Public Spending Databases

Unfortunately spending data does not come nicely wrapped up!

Acquiring Data

COINS - Where Does My Money Go

Finding, Requesting (Demanding), Cleaning ...

E.g. 8 months, FOI etc to get COINS

Data Store and API (Bulk Data too)

Data Store

We want to enable others to build their own apps, do their own research ...

Make It Personal: "My" Money

Where Does My Money Go

Enable the Community to Contribute

Editability: plenty to correct in the source data!

Commenting/annotation: data about the data is (very) valuable
(what's hot, what's not!)


Amazing Richness and Relevance

(Almost) Everyone Pays Taxes

Everyone Uses Public Services

Digging into Public Data is Complicated!

coins data flows

But It's Worth It

bubbles v2


Rufus Pollock
rufus.pollock [at] okfn [dot] org