Open Bibliographic Data

Global Interoperability and Linked Data - 2011-05-16 - Amsterdam

Rufus Pollock

Open Knowledge Foundation Shuttleworth Foundation

Open Bibliography at the Foundation

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Interested in this since we started 7y ago
Working Group #openbiblio

Kept Running into Problem of non-Open Data

(Biblio) Data is a Platform
Not a Commodity
We Want to Build on It
Not Sell It

Data Needs to be Open

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Open = Freedom for Anyone to Use / Re-use / Redistribute (NO Non-Commercial)

Fundamental To
– Interoperability
– Scaling
– Building the Ecosystem

Interoperability and Scaling
(Closed Data Doesn't Scale!)

Woven Ball Broken Humpty
We're Weaving Data Together To Scale We Need to Componentize But We Need to Put Humpty-Dumpty Together Again - Not Possible if Closed

The Ecosystem

Many Minds Principle
The Best Thing to do With Your Data will be Thought of by Someone Else

JISC OpenBib and Bibliographica

A Rapid-Prototype of Europeana in Miniature

JISC OpenBib and Bibliographica

Pure Linked Data Platform
3m (Clean-Room) Open Records Provided by British Library

JISC OpenBib and Bibliographica

Integration with Wikipedia
Distributed Social Bibliography Platform

Starting to Solve the Open Biblio Data Quantity Problem

We've holed the dam. About to get a Flood.

CERN, British Library, HBZ, Swedish National Library, PMC


In a World of Zero (Reproduction) Costs
Matching is King

To Match Well
Openness Required
(Both for Building Tools and the Quality Data)

Open Biblio Data as a Platform - Everything Builds On It

Want to offer a book purchase service?
Want to interlink with Wikipedia?
Want to do recommendations?


Rufus Pollock
rufus [dot] pollock [at] okfn [dot] org

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