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Open Knowledge 1.0

Rufus Pollock

[open knowledge foundation]

What is Open Knowledge

Knowledge = Content/Data/Information
(Code too ...)

Genes to Geodata, Statistics to Sonnets

Open = Freedom to

Access / Use / Re-use / Redistribute

Knowledge is a Broad Concept

Many Differences

But ...

Commonalities Are Greater

Look at One Specific Analogy


Other Types of Knowledge

(Databases, Film Repositories ....)

Code Got There First

So Much That We Can Port

Legal Structures (Licenses)

Social Structures (Communities)

Development Processes


Versioning, Tagging ...

How Do We Develop Other Types of Open Knowledge?

4 Principles of Open Knowledge Development



apt-get in operation

Divide and Conquer

From Monoliths (One System) to Reusable Packages (Libraries)

Examples: Acorn and cc mixter

90% on Internals (My System), 10% on Externals (Interface for Others)
10% on Internals, 90% Externals

A Future of Knowledge APIs

A Future With A Much Richer Ecosystem

Large (Linux/Wikipedia) / Consortia (Apache/Ensembl) / Micro (Sourceforge /KnowledgeForge)

Aggregators ...

Who'll Be the Debian of Data?

The Open Knowledge Revolution